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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will provide you with information on how we, DIAMETAL GROUP  (hereinafter also referred to as DIAMETAL, we and us), collect and process your personal data (hereinafter also referred to as data). This privacy policy applies to all our websites and apps (hereinafter also referred to as our website) that are under our control and refer to this privacy policy. The Company is a subsidiary of Kowema AG with registered office in Risch, Switzerland.

If you provide us with the personal data of other individuals (e.g. employee data), we will assume that you are authorised to do so and that the data is correct. By providing data on other individuals, you confirm that this is the case. Please ensure that the other individuals have been informed about this privacy policy.

We are committed to handling your personal data responsibly; this is a priority for us. When we (or third parties appointed by us) collect and process personal data, we comply with the provisions of the Federal Act on Data Protection. We also comply with the provisions of the EU-GDPR, as well as the Chinese Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL), insofar as we are legally required to do so.  

This privacy policy focuses in particular on:


1. Our contact details

The following controller is responsible for processing data in accordance with this privacy policy:

Solothurnstrasse 136
2504 Biel / Bienne
T +41 32 344 33 22

Point of contact for data privacy questions
If you have any questions about this privacy policy, our use of your data or your rights, please contact the coordination office at the address below:

Kowema AG
Kowema Group data protection centre
Lettenstrasse 2
6343 Rotkreuz

EU data protection representative
Our data protection representative in the EU according to Article 27 GDPR is:

Route de Wolschwiller
FR – 68480 Oltinque

Our personal information protection representative in China pursuant to relevant Chinese data protection regulations is:

Room 316, Building 43.
No70, phoenix Rd
211106 Nanjing / Jiangsu
Peoples Republic of China

2. What data we collect and for what purpose

2.1 Website visits (creation of log files) and other electronic resources
Every time a user visits our website, our web server automatically records data and information from the computer accessing the services. This includes, in particular, information on the browser type and the version being used, the user’s operating system, the user’s internet service provider, the referrer URL (website from which the user’s system accesses the Kowema website), websites that are accessed from the user’s system via the Kowema website, and the user’s IP address, access date and time, and client file request (file name and URL). This data is saved in our sys-tem’s log files (or those of third parties) together with other data and is only used for the purposes of statistical analysis.
If you use other electronic resources, such as our wifi network or app(s), we collect specific technical data. This includes the logs in which we record the use of our systems (log data). We may sometimes also assign a unique identification number (ID) to your device (tablet, PC, smartphone, etc.).

We use this data to ensure a smooth connection setup, ease of use of the website and other electronic resources, evaluation of system security and stability, and for other administrative purposes. In general, this data does not enable us to draw any conclusions about your identity. However, it may be connected to other data categories – and therefore to you as an individual – in the context of user accounts and registrations.

2.2 Marketing and newsletter

We may use your name and your postal or e-mail address(es) to provide our services and send out newsletters, event information/invitations, publications and the like. The newsletter may be sent via external software partners that are based abroad. By registering, you consent to our transferring your data to our software partners, monitoring your open and click-through rates and to our contacting you directly in certain cases. We will obtain your consent first where required by law, unless we have obtained your contact details in the context of our services and you have not explicitly opted out of receiving marketing materials of this kind. If you no longer wish to receive these communications from us, you can unsubscribe at any time by using the contact details provided. An unsubscribe link is also included at the bottom of every e-mail.

There is also an option on the website to subscribe to a mailing list for electronic media releases and other information (industry updates, product news, events, etc.). The data that you enter in the form when registering will be sent to us. By registering, you consent to our processing your data, monitoring your open and click-through rates and to our contacting you directly in certain cases. You also confirm that you have read and understood our privacy policy. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list or a newsletter at any time.
Where we refer to third-party websites in information about products, events, etc. and you visit these websites, the privacy policy of the relevant website operators apply. We have no influence over these privacy policies.

2.3 Contact via e-mail and other communication channels

We offer you the option of contacting us via the e-mail address(es) published on our website and via other digital communication channels. In such cases we store the transmitted data.

Some digital communication channels are operated by companies that are based abroad, e.g. in the US. By using these digital communication channels, you consent to your data being transmitted abroad (e.g. to the US), to your open and click-through rates being monitored and to our contacting you directly.

Some digital communication traffic (e.g. e-mail) is unencrypted and unsecured, and you assume the associated risk.

2.4 Contact forms

Our website offers you the option of getting in touch with us and our experts so that we can contact you and respond to your query. The data you enter in this/these form(s) is sent to us using SSL / TLS 1.2 encryption and stored. By using the contact form to get in touch with us, you consent to our processing your data. You also confirm that you have read and understood our privacy policy.

2.5 Applications

Our vacancies are published on our website and/or on external portals (including print media) and platforms. You can apply for vacancies directly via e-mail or by post. In both cases, this pri-vacy policy applies. In the case of applications via external portals or platforms, the separate pri-vacy policy posted in such portals or platforms shall apply.

2.6 In the context of business relationships

We process data that we obtain from our clients, other business partners and other individuals involved in the context of our business relationships with them. This includes, in particular, contact details such as salutation, first name, last name, sex, date of birth, address, e-mail address, phone number and other contact details, and communication data such as content exchanged in e-mails, other written correspondence, phone calls, video conferences, etc., and information about the form, time and place of the communication.
To the extent permitted, we also obtain data from public sources (e.g. commercial registers, media, internet, social media, etc.). In addition to data that you give to us directly, this includes data about you that we obtain from third parties (authorities, credit information, banks, address dealers and other third parties), in particular: information from public registers; in connection with official and court proceedings; in connection with your professional roles and activities; information about you in correspondence and conversations with third parties; information given to us by people you are in contact with (e.g. family, advisors, legal representatives or employers) so that we can conclude or perform contracts with you or with your involvement (e.g. references, powers of attor-ney); your address and any interests and other sociodemographic data (for marketing purposes).

3. Legal basis for data processing

3.1 In the context of our services and to fulfil contractual obligations

Data is processed for the purposes of providing our services to customers, including pre-contractual measures and post-contractual support, and for the purposes of meeting contractual obligations with other contractual partners. The data collected is used for the full performance of our services, including any later warranty claims, technical administration, etc. Please refer to the relevant contractual documents and terms and conditions for further details on the purposes of data processing.

3.2 In the context of a balance of interests

To the extent necessary and permissible by the relevant laws of Switzerland, the European Union and China, we process your data beyond the actual fulfilment of the contract to safeguard our legitimate interests or those of third parties. This includes:

  • Consulting and exchanging data with information centres and other third parties (e.g. debt collection registers)
  • Checking and optimising needs analysis processes for the purpose of direct customer contact and collecting personal data from public sources for the purpose of customer acquisition
  • Carrying out advertising or market and opinion research, unless you have objected to the use of your data
  • Asserting legal claims and defending legal disputes
  • Safeguarding IT security and IT operations, including video monitoring to protect property rights and other measures to ensure IT, building and system security, the protection of our employees and other individuals and assets belonging or entrusted to us, such as access controls, visitor lists, network and mail scanners and telephone recordings
  • Preventing or investigating criminal acts
  • Implementing measures to manage the business and develop services, products and the web-site
  • Purchasing and selling business divisions, companies or parts of companies and other corporate transactions, and the related transfer of data and business control measures.

3.3 Based on your consent

Provided that you have given us consent to process your personal data for specific purposes, the processing is lawful on the basis of your consent. Any consent given can be revoked at any time. Any revocation of consent does not affect the lawfulness of data processed up until the time of revocation.

3.4 Based on legal regulations or in the public interest

We are also subject to various legal obligations requiring us to process your data.

4. Passing on data, including transfer abroad

We will only pass your data on to third parties – in the context of our business activities and for the purposes described in this privacy policy – if we are legally required to do so by a court order or official regulations, if necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims or for the performance of contracts and business activities, or on the basis of your consent. These third parties include, in particular, the following categories of recipient:

  • Group companies according to this overview (Subsidiaries – KOWEMA). The Group com-panies may process your data (i) on our behalf, (ii) jointly with us, or (iii) independently. We may also disclose particularly sensitive data to our Group companies.
  • Data processors, such as service providers evaluating use of the website (for marketing pur-poses), IT service providers (data management, data storage, technical support, newsletter dispatch, etc.), and service providers in the areas of recruitment, talent management, HR and other services
  • External business partners (e.g. traders, suppliers, subcontractors, banks, debt collection agencies) and experts in connection with the contractual service
  • Competitors, industry organisations, associations and other bodies
  • Acquirers and parties interested in acquiring business divisions, companies and other parts of the Kowema Group
  • Media
  • Domestic and foreign authorities, government offices and courts
  • Other parties in potential and actual legal proceedings

We do not only process personal data in Switzerland. Your data may be processed in the European Union or in any country in the world (including China and the US). If the level of data protection in the third-party data processor’s country is considered inadequate for Swiss standards (including the US), we grant suitable data protection by means of appropriate guarantees (e.g. standard con-tractual clauses) except where there are legal exceptions (e.g. your consent), where the recipient is already subject to a legally recognised framework (e.g. Swiss-US Data Privacy Framework) for the assurance of data protection, or where we can rely on an exemption. Such contractual pre-cautions (guarantees) can partially offset weaker or lacking legal protection, but cannot entirely exclude all risks (e.g. of state access abroad).

Please also note that data exchanged via the internet is often sent via third countries. Your data may therefore be sent abroad even if the sender and recipient are located in the same country.

5. Data security

We use appropriate technical and organisational measures as part of our systems to protect your data against loss, destruction, modification and unauthorised access by third parties while we are storing it.
Technical security measures include encryption (including login data) and pseudonymisation of data, logging, access restrictions and saving of backup copies.
We also take our own in-house data protection very seriously. Our employees and the ser-vice providers appointed by us are obliged to uphold confidentiality and comply with data protec-tion laws. Our data processors are also obliged to take appropriate technical and organisational security measures. In addition, they are only granted access to personal data to the extent necessary.
Our security measures are continuously adapted in line with new technological developments, but we cannot guarantee absolute protection.

6. Cookies/tracking and other technologies

6.1 Use of cookies and pixels

Our website uses cookies and pixels. Our interest in optimising our website is to be considered as legitimate. Cookies are text files that are saved in or by your computer system’s internet browser. Pixels are small images that enable a log file to be recorded and analysed. We use cookies and pixels to improve your user experience.
We use session cookies to identify that you have already visited certain pages on our website. These are automatically deleted when you leave the site. We also use temporary cookies in order to improve the user experience. These are saved on your device for a defined period of time. If you visit our website again to use our services, these cookies will automatically detect that you have visited us in the past and will reapply your previous entries and settings so that you do not have to enter them again.
We also use cookies and pixels to record statistics on and evaluate the use of our website so that we can optimise it for you and, if applicable, display information that is specifically tailored to you (online marketing). These cookies and pixels will be automatically deleted after a defined period of time.

We use various cookies on our website and permit certain third parties to do the same. These third-party providers are based all over the world, particularly in the US. When you access our website for the first time, an info banner will inform you about the use of cookies and pixels and refer you to this privacy policy. When you visit our website for the first time, a cookie banner will inform you about the use of cookies for the purposes of analysis and refer you to this privacy policy. Depending on the purpose of these cookies, we may ask you for your permission before they are used. For more information on the cookies used, particularly a description of the categories of cookies used (strictly necessary cookies, performance cookies, functionality cook-ies and targeting cookies) and their meaning, please see the cookie settings.
Cookies can be deactivated or removed using tools that are available in most commercial brows-ers. The method of managing and deleting cookies depends on the browser you are using. You can find information on this in the Help menu of your browser (usually under the heading “Priva-cy”). If cookies and pixels are deactivated for our website, some of its functions may not work properly.
To the extent permitted, some of our marketing e-mails also include visible and invisible picture elements (including pixels). By retrieving these from our servers we can ascertain whether you have opened the e-mail – and, if so, when – so that we can monitor and better understand how you use our services and tailor them more effectively to you. You can block this in your e-mail client.
By using our website and agreeing to receive marketing e-mails, you consent to the use of these technologies. If you do not wish to give your consent, you must adjust the settings in your browser and/or e-mail client accordingly.

6.2 Analytics

Our website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google LLC (1600 Am-phitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA, USA) and Google Ireland Ltd. (Google Building Gordon House, Barrow St, Dublin 4, Ireland); jointly “Google”, Google Ireland Ltd. being our data proces-sor. Google Analytics uses cookies (text files) and similar technologies to collect specific infor-mation regarding the behaviour of individual users who access the relevant website and the de-vice used to achieve such access (tablet, PC, smartphone, etc.) and thereby enable use of the website to be analysed.

The information generated by these performance cookies about use of the website (including the user’s IP address) is transmitted to and stored on Google’s servers in the USA. We have configured these services so that the IP addresses of users of Google’s websites within Eu-rope are truncated before being sent to the US and therefore cannot be traced. We have deac-tivated the “data sharing” and “signals” settings. Google provides us with reports and in this sense can be seen as our data processor. However, Google also processes some data for its own pur-poses. In some circumstances, Google can use the data collected to draw conclusions about the identity of website visitors and create personal profiles and connect the data obtained with any available user accounts for these individuals. Google may also pass this information on to third parties if this is a statutory requirement or if third parties process the data on Google’s behalf. If you agree to the use of Google, you explicitly consent to such processing, which also includes the transfer of personal data to the US and other countries. Further information on data protection at Google Analytics can be found here .

If you do not wish your visit to our website to be recorded by analytics services, you can deactivate performance cookies in the cookie settings, for example.

6.3 Google Maps

Our website uses Google Inc.’s Google Maps product. By using this website, you consent to the recording, processing and use of the data automatically collected by Google Inc., its repre-sentatives and third parties. The Terms of Service of Google Maps can be found here:

6.4 Social media

Our website uses plugins from social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The relevant buttons/symbols are visible on our website. These elements are configured so that they are deactivated as standard. When you click on the buttons/symbols, the social net-work operators can register that you are visiting our website, record your location and use this information for their own purposes. The relevant operator is responsible for processing your data according to their privacy policy. They do not provide us with any information about you.
If you use these social networks to communicate with us or comment on or share our content, we collect this information and process it according to our privacy policy.
When you visit our social media sites, data (e.g. about your user behaviour) may also be transmitted directly to the relevant provider or collected by them and processed together with other data that is already available to them (e.g. for marketing and market research purposes and to person-alise the platform content). You can find more information about how social network providers process data, in which countries they process your data, and your rights in the data privacy poli-cies of the relevant social networks.

7. Period during which your personal data is processed

We will only process your data for as long as is necessary for the relevant purpose and to meet our contractual and legal duties, including statutory retention requirements (generally 10 years but varying from jurisdiction to jurisdiction depending on their specific legal requirements), or if you have given us your consent to do so. We will continue to process your data if we have a legitimate interest in storing it, to the extent permitted by relative laws and regulations of the jurisdiction. In particular, this might be the case if we require personal data to enforce or defend against claims, for archiving purposes, or to ensure IT security.

8. Your rights

You can choose between several options when using this website. You may choose not to enter any data by not completing any forms or data fields on our website, blocking cookies and not uSing any of the personalised services we offer.
If you do decide to enter personal data or provide this to us in the context of our business relationship, you have the right, in specific circumstances and to the extent provided for by law, to infor-mation, data rectification, data deletion, restriction of data processing, withdrawal of your consent and, if applicable, data portability and objection. However, this is not an absolute right. We reserve the right to enforce the statutory restrictions and will inform you of this accordingly.
If you wish to exercise your rights against us, please provide corresponding ID.
Every data subject also has the right to assert their claims in court or submit a complaint to the competent data protection authority. The competent data protection authority in Switzerland is the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner ( You can find a list of European data protection authorities here. The competent data protection authority in China is the Cyberspace Administration of China

9. Right of modification

This privacy policy does not form part of a contract with you. We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, particularly if we change the way in which we process your data or if new legislation comes into force. We will not reduce any of your rights under this privacy policy without your explicit consent. The version published on this website is the current version. When a new version is published, it replaces previous versions.

Last update: September 2023